360° Movie Player

This web page embeds a 360° movie player, that can be used to preview 360° files generated by 360° cameras, such as the 360fly, the Samsung Gear 360, the Ricoh Theta, or any other 360° camera on the market today.

Such movies can be uploaded on YouTube, which natively implements a 360° player, on both their web and apps counterparts. However, it can sometimes be tedious to preview such movies, before you upload them. This can be especially frustrating when you are editing the movies on tablet or mobile devices. For example, the LumaFusion iOS editor can be used to produce 360° movies, but does not implement a 360° player to preview what does the movie looks like before uploading it.

This page embeds a 360° player that can be used on any web browser. It works on tablet and mobile, too! Just select your movie, and the preview will start automatically. All previewing is done locally on your device, no data is ever sent to our servers.